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Sidney MaestreOnline Video Monetization Strategies Using PayPal's HTML5 Kit and KalturaHTML5 & Mobile ApplicationsHow “free” has been redefined in the digital ageChris Anderson states in his book Free; The Future of a Radical Price that “bits want to be free”. If this is true, how can you build a sustainable business around digital content? In this session, we’ll explore several different monetization strategies, and ways to realize them through PayPal’s flexible APIs. Next, we’ll apply these strategies to the Kaltura Video player to create a Pay as You Go experiencewhere users are prompted to make a micropayment to unlock the full video after watching a preview. We’ll accomplish this using PayPal’s open source HTML5 toolkit for Digital Goods.
Michael DaleThe Ins and outs of the Kaltura HTML5 Video Library ( & Mobile ApplicationsDon't be left behind! -HTML5 is today!We will take a deep-dive into Kaltura's market leading HTML5 Video library -
We will cover developing custom plugins, skin customization, and basic configuration. We will also take a look at the user agent rules that allow you to lead with HTML5. Also we will look at including custom on-page resources for both HTML5 and flash.
HTML5, KDP, plugins, css, javasciprt KDP api.
Luca CandelaFrom zero to tablet in 45 minutes: how to develop a video gallery with Sencha Touch.HTML5 & Mobile ApplicationsDevelop at the speed of HTML5During this session we will look at how Kaltura's APIs can be used to produce a mobile, touch enabled video gallery quickly using Sencha Touch 2. During the course of the talk we will start from scratch and follow the development process touching on how to structure your application, create the basic building blocks and weave them together to produce a fully functional tablet application in less than an hour.
Tom OrtegaVideo Journalism for the People: Empowering the Average Joe to Take on the Mass MediaHTML5 & Mobile ApplicationsRedefine local news!With the abundance of iPhone 4/4S that are capable of recording HD video, there's a need to put all that video to good use. Join Tom in this defying discussion about the possible scenarios where individuals can record events (graduations, sports, special speaker, etc) and uploaded directly from their phone to the Kaltura system and uncover where potential new breed of local news reporters can put together a nightly/weekly news report on local events.
We'll also cover building a native iPhone app to interface with Kaltura, Mobile video and Social Video.
Leveraging Kaltura to bring about change in the world - A perspective of an iPhone developers first taste of integrating with the Kaltura system.

With mobile computing, ubiquitous video, we stand at yet another cusp of technology. In a few short years, the fact that everyone is carrying a HD camera with them at all times will revolutionize how we experience, remember and report on things. People are dropping cable TV in favor of Netflix. This will allow a new type of news reporting to creep into the home via the same internet connection that currently brings in their favorite TV/Movie streaming service. More details of this idea can be found here.
It's going to be a great ride these next few years. You can be a player or an observer of this tide of change. Come to Tom's session and hop into the driver's seat to bring about this change.
Johnathan Kanarek, “Tan-Tan”Kaltura Server Plugins - Extending the core Kaltura ServerMedia Management & OperationsExtending Kaltura's Core!Join TanTan, Kaltura's leading backend developer and the person behind many of Kaltura's core features as he will walk you through the deepest architecture of the Kaltura Server.You'll learn how to add new API services, new databases and tables, how to react to core events and add your own business logic, how to enable new values to be used in predefined enum lists, how to define new permissions and features or create a new job type and batch worker to handle it. We'll also explore extending the Admin Console and add new server management functionality. [re]define your Kaltura!
Kevin FreundArchitecting and Deploying Distributed, Fault Tolerant Kaltura ClustersMedia Management & OperationsBe in control of your video operation!This session covers distributed Kaltura deployments, from soup to nuts, and will focus on the areas of architecting systems, focusing on interoperability and redundancy, network layouts, and best practices.
This session applies equally to a local cluster environment, either virtual or physical, or a purely cloud based deployment.
This will give developers and administrators working in a single server environment insight into how to expand deployments to build horizontal scalability into their solutions.
Chris YoungScaling Kaltura Guided by TestsMedia Management & OperationsAutomated testing using Selenium Web Driver and SikuliAt Base79 we work with content owners to help maximise their revenues across web sites, social media and connected devices. To do this, we need to have confidence that as the level of demand on Kaltura grows, the system will grow with us. To do this we are building Automated Testing and Instrumentation. The staring point is a set of programmatically created unique assets. We then automate the flow of these assets through the system as we exercise typical use cases. As we scale our, we can test and compare our profile data to see the impact of these changes.
Roberto Moreno and Sean OuimetAutomated Video Slide-show Creation with Node.js and KalturaMedia Management & OperationsMaking Google understand ContextA architectural overview of how we leverage Kaltura’s platform to help us generate automated (real estate) video tours for inclusion on our website platform. Videos provide an advantage over sites which feature similar data, as we can now compete on video search results. The process: Videos are queued up for creation when our 3rd party feeds get updated. Worker apps then create individually branded opening/closing slides, watermarks, animated images and add music. Once ready, videos are uploaded to Kaltura where they’re added to relevant playlists and sitemaps. The videos display on the correct sites. Technologies: Node.js, MLT, Amazon SQS, PHP
Bob Craig and Ron WallaceBridging Television News and Web ProductionMedia Management & OperationsBuilding a platform for automating media publishingAvid is a product and solutions focused company whose customers are content creators in the film, audio, and broadcast industries. Our customers in news are struggling to integrate their broadcast news and web news operations to better leverage the content being generated for each separate platform. To address this need, we developed a proof of concept that leverages both Avid products and third-parties, including Kaltura, to demonstrate workflows that would allow a broadcaster's broadcast and web operations to share video and story content seamlessly. This proof of concept focuses on the needs of news customers, but applies generally to any customer needing a multi-platform distribution solution. The presentation will describe the role of Kaltura in the project and how integration with it was achieved.
Leon GordinDeveloping Complex Dynamic Web Applications using Kaltura's API - Case Study
Media Management & OperationsCreating complex video applications.Zend-Framework based, MediaSpace version 3 is Kaltura's enterprise grade commercial video portal. It's robust, scalable and feature rich. It's modular and extensible. Join Leon as he'll uncover the development process of such complex Kaltura based applications and learn how to create your own video apps using the Kaltura API, Media Players and ingestion widgets.
David HassounExtending the Kaltura Dynamic Player with Industry & Custom OSMF PluginsMedia Management & OperationsExtending OSMF, the underlying framework of the KDP.The core of the Kaltura Dynamic Player (KDP) is built with the extremely powerful Adobe Open Source Media Framework (OSMF). This powerful and widely used framework has many benefits and at the top of that list is a robust extensibility system in the form of plugins. There is already a wealth of plugins available from the open source community and from service providers however many only scratch the surface when it comes to potential. This session will dive you into enhancing the KDP with the power of OSMF Plugins.
You will learn about the capabilities and implementation process on the KDP but also how to build OSMF plugins and how they can be reused and enhance players far beyond what many believe is possible with this powerful and often overlooked extensibility. A short review of some of the already available plugins will be covered. Basics of the OSMF plugin architecture will be covered, as well as tips and tricks to go beyond the norm of what can be achieved with them.
David KronmillerFrom Source To Stream: Demystifying Video In The Digital EraMedia Management & OperationsKnow thy Video!Even the most seasoned industry professional can find discussing video, especially digital video, intimidating. Join David in this session where he will attempt to simplify video, removing the fear associated with complex technology and put it in a perspective anyone from a Developer to a Project Manager can understand.
We'll review a brief history of Content Creation - from the Nickelodeons of the silent era of the 1920's to the YouTubes of the digital video age of 2012. We'll take a look at the Post Production Process from Telecine to Mezzanine with a focused look at source file creation and how it will effect streaming video. Join us and learn how to communicate effectively in the modern video workflow in order to increase efficiency and understanding.
Jess PortnoyOptimizing the LAMP(K) StackMedia Management & OperationsOptimize! - LAMPK Workshop.LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack under the hood: A brief walk through the LAMP components and the various stacks available. A drill down into optimizing the Kaltura LAMP environment focusing on optimizing PHP and little touch of MySQL and Apache options with emphasis on security where applicable.
Many people develop in PHP without giving much consideration to optimizing their environments to get the maximum performance gain. This session will take you through a beginner's walkabout on this rather broad topic in the hope that you'll later be able to research further and make custom improvements to your Kaltura stack.
Michael Penney and Akin DelamarreThe Benefits of the Kaltura-Moodle integration in K-20 and Corporate EducationMedia Management & OperationsEnriching education with video!Online education has exploded over the past few years, with public, non-profit, and for-profit K-20 institutions, educational tablet apps, and corporate and public sector training all moving from early adoption to mission critical state. Reliable video is increasingly essential to the success of these projects. Many such projects are delivered using a Learning Management System such as Moodle, an open source PHP based LMS used by over 57 million learners. The Kaltura-Moodle integration enables educational content developers to take advantage of Kaltura's advanced video management and delivery options to enable reliable high quality content to be delivered as an integrated component of the educational conent, to various OS's and devices in use, including PC/Mac, Tablets, and Smartphones.

Michael Penney has led a number of educational content development and delivery projects on various LMS's and CMS's and will briefly discuss the advantages of having Kaltura integrated into your content delivery application, and the increasing importance of reliable video content in the expanding online education market.

Akin Delamarre, Remote-Learner Lead Developer for the Kaltura Integration, will discuss technical aspects of building the integration, including integrating Kaltura with Read-Write web applications, the technologies used to create the plug-in, the type of LMS functions that Kaltura's API can utilize, benefits and challenges of utilizing Yahoo's YUI3, and other standards and tool used for the integration.
Vladimir FedorkovOptimizing Kaltura's search with the Sphinx Search ServerMedia Management & OperationsGet even faster media search with KalturaMedia search in general, is a key component of content delivery, furthermore it's a place where speed and accuracy are paramount to both growing and maintaining happy visitors. This session will highlight various Sphinx Search utilization techniques as well as day-to-day operations tricks that will aid in ones delivery of faster and more precise content.
Nir ErlichNative Mobile & Connected Devices using Kaltura’s SDK & Reference ApplicationHTML5 & Mobile ApplicationsKaltura’s new offering for iOS and Android native applicationsWe will cover Kaltura’s iOS and Android SDK for smartphones and tablets, look at our reference app and how our clients and developers can use it as out-of-the-box app, extend it or use its code and SDK for existing applications. We will show our new skins for these platforms and how to customize them toyour needs. Another point of discussion will be supporting other platforms using HTML5 code and PhoneGap, what are the pros and cons and look a bit beyond mobile into Smart TV’s, Google TV and other connected devices.
Keith WilcoxCreating a next generation video experience using Kaltura.Media Management & OperationsAt Disney we are reinventing our process for acquiring and ingestion of video and reimagining our guest experience.From acquisition, to encoding, through ingestion and management and finally to playback, Disney is redefining everything we do with video. Join Keith on a step-by-step walkthrough of our integration with the Kaltura platform. We'll cover the process from beginning to end, what we've learned, what we've done differently, and where we're headed.
Eitan AvgilCustomizing Kaltura Players, Behind the scenes of the uiConf Media Management & OperationsFlex it, squiz it, skin it! Kaltura Players Workshop.Flex it, squiz it, skin it, on the desktop or on mobile - Kaltura's cross platform media players are controlled by a highly flexible and dynamic XML based language, the "Kaltura uiConf". Join Eitan, Kaltura's leading proffesional services front-end developer and an all-star Flash & Flex developer, where he uncovers what's under the hood of the Kaltura media players and will teach you how to fluently speak the uiConf and make your own custom video players; Modify the layout, skin it and create plugins! - Make it your own!


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